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Wrinkle filling

Wrinkle filling is a procedure in which preparations containing hyaluronic acid are used. It is a substance naturally occurring in the skin, but also in the human subcutaneous tissue. It is responsible for hydration and firmness of the skin and the volume of subcutaneous tissue. The aging process causes a gradual reduction in the amount of natural hyaluronic acid in our body, which affects the loss of volume, dryness and sagging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles and furrows on the face. Preparations containing hyaluronic acid injected during the treatment are designed to supplement its deficiency, perfectly moisturize, fill wrinkles and deep furrows on the face, give volume, model lips, improve the contour of the entire face and stimulate the natural regenerative processes of the skin by stimulating collagen fibers to rebuild.

Even after complete absorption of the preparation the skin looks better than before the treatment. The treatment is minimally invasive and requires no special preparation on the part of the patient. During the conversation before the treatment all contraindications are excluded and the area where the treatment will be applied is planned. Depending on the facial area, the procedure is performed after anaesthesia with cream (e.g. EMLA) or under dental anaesthesia. The effects of the treatment last about 10-12 months. This period may be longer or shorter depending on the patient’s age, skin type and lifestyle. Cigarette smoking, frequent exposure to the sun and visits to a solarium shorten the duration of the preparation.

  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, lidocaine or other local anesthetics
  • skin infections at the site of the planned injection (inflammation, herpes)
  • simultaneous laser treatment, deep chemical peels, dermabrasion
  • immune disorders
  • autoimmune diseases
  • unbalanced diabetes
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding

Immediately after the procedure the injection sites should be kept particularly clean. For 2-3 days after the procedure you should avoid excessive facial expressions, massage of the treated area, and heavy physical effort. After the treatment should not be exposed to large thermal fluctuations of the environment, so for the next few days it is recommended not to use the sauna, steam baths, solarium or cold chambers. It is also not recommended to stay longer at a temperature below 0 deg C and not to sunbathe. For about 4 weeks after the treatment laser treatments are not performed in the area where the fillers were injected, because they can cause faster degradation of the injected preparation.

During the procedure you can expect a slight pain, burning or pinching. Sometimes swelling or slight swelling or bruising associated with the injection is observed.

In case of any doubts after the procedure you should contact your doctor.

  • Ampoule 1ml* 700-1200 PLN *Depending on the preparation used
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dr Aleksandra Łuniewska
Plastic Surgery Specialist
Aesthetic medicine treatments at the Mada Beauty Clinic are performed by a specialist Plastic Surgeon Aleksandra Łuniewska - a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Silesia in Katowice. Since 2006, she has been professionally associated with the Plastic Surgery Department in Wrocław, where she gained knowledge and completed a specialization in plastic surgery under the supervision of Dr. Jacek Jarliński and Dr. Marek Węgrzyn.