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Reduction of stretch marks and scars

It is based on the application of carbon dioxide with a thin needle under the stretch mark or scar. Thanks to this, collagen production is increased, blood supply to tissues is improved, skin becomes more dense and elastic. The treatment is effective on fresh stretch marks and those in the atrophic phase. .

  • Duration: 15-30min
  • Price from: 64PLN


Series: 5-10 treatments every 7-10 days

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Micro-needle RF treatment involves simultaneous, controlled puncturing and heating of the skin using radio waves from 45oC to 60oC. By combining these techniques, collagen fibers are shrunk, then the skin is stimulated to form new collagen and build new bonds. Scars and stretch marks become shallower or completely eradicated.

  • Duration: 30-60min
  • Price from: 1500PLN

Series: 4-8 treatments

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