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We make it with our own hands

We create formulas, obtain raw materials and develop products in our laboratories.
We test, improve and then manufacture.

We do not overlook any stage of this process because we trust in the pursuit of perfection.

We have been doing this for decades, gathering techniques and gaining experience,
Thanks to this we are really good at what we do and very proud of the results of our work.

It is no coincidence that alfaparf milano is currently Italian brand #1 in the hairdressing industry worldwide.

We create it everywhere. We were born in Italy with a vocation to turn our passion into real business and with the conviction that we can achieve a lot…

Something extraordinary happened next.

Our products have started to spread, reached South America, Asia, Australia and then the whole world. 40 years later, everything still has its beginning in Italy,
and we still dream about great things.

We create for professionals

We love sharing our work, knowledge and passion with people with whom we share the same dreams and the same journey into the world of hairdressing that we started many years ago. everything we create is dedicated to hairdressers.

Intelligent and passionate people who deserve to get the best from us. This means constant dialogue and support through education, which allows hairdressers to be more creative and introduce world-class methodology in their salons.

We create in our style

We are innovative because we want to create products and solutions that didn’t exist before, we take risks and turn our crazy ideas into commercial ventures. Every day we give you not only extraordinary products but also a package of our experience, creativity and a large dose of Italian taste.

Alfaparf brand products for home care are available from us at stationary or online in our Perfumery: