Diego Dalla Palma

Brand information
Brand information

Diego Dalla Palma


An Italian tradition of beauty with scientific knowledge. The relationship between the diego dalla palma and the RVB brought a new concept of aesthetics. A hyper-active and very effective method based on an unconventional idea of beauty. It has also led to the creation of new professional products that are compatible with the traditionally revolutionary approach of diego dalla palma. Diego dalla palma professional – the leader of the Italian beauty industry, known to the public for his knowledge and elegance – has entered the world of professional aesthetics.

With a good feeling of love for beauty.

Diego dalla palma professional was created to give every woman the peak of authentic beauty, born of pure energy and vitality. Cosmetologists and scientists have created a bio-revitalizing program that restores harmony to the skin cells. Targeted treatments and patented active ingredients are designed to restore well-being for long-lasting beauty.


The innovative ideas of diego dalla palma professional are the result of intensive research work carried out by a team of scientists in cooperation with the scientific community and universities. Applications are evaluated in the “center of excellence”, which is the RVB SKINLAB technical center. This is where the best ideas are analyzed and developed. It is no coincidence that our brand is one of the few to have an internal R & D(Development and Improvement) department. Thanks to this and over 50 years of experience in this field, we are able to create the products of the future. It is not easy to speak in the field of grooming, fashion and beauty. Without the contribution of rigorous scientific analysis, the term “beauty” would be just an empty word.

Creativity, elegance and beauty. These are what have made Italian products recognized around the world. These are also the values of our group. Our brand is known on 5 continents for the quality of its products and the innovative and easy-to-understand language it uses.

  • Diego dalla Palma – moisturizing
    Price: 280PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma Fillift
    Price: 420PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma Icon Time – anti-aging and thickening treatment
    Price: 360PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma Icon Time – anti-aging and renewal treatment
    Price: 390PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma Cell Detoxium – cleansing treatment
    Price: 210PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma Cell Detoxium with manual cleaning
    Price: 260PLN
  • Diego dalla Palma – Skin Map – treatment for sensitive skin
    Price: 350PLN


Diego Dalla Palma brand products for home care are available from us stationary or online in our Perfumery: www.perfumeriamada.pl.