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Originating in Australia, the cosmetic brand Intraceuticals has a few years of tradition, but thanks to the innovation of the solutions offered, it quickly became known and appreciated in all markets.

Intraceuticals is a combination of innovations on two levels – in the application of active substances and their formula.

Intraceuticals treatments are based on the use of hyperbaric oxygen. In a high-tech device, the oxygen selected from the air by means of a molecular sieve is compressed to the desired value and then becomes a carrier of active substances to the right skin layers. It is worth noting that this method of application is completely non-invasive and does not bring any side effects. Therefore, it can be used with full safety in pregnant women and people after invasive dermatological and aesthetic medicine treatments. Oxygen itself has many therapeutic properties for the skin.

The second area of innovation is the hyaluronic acid formula, developed especially for the brand, which as a component of the intercellular matrix is responsible for skin hydration. By combining two forms of acid: low-molecular (with the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin) and macromolecular, a complementary double layer of acid is created, filling in natural cavities and acting as a water storage for the cells.

The additional ability of hyaluronic acid to transfer deep into the skin antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C, green tea) and ingredients that solve – in addition to skin aging – other skin problems: discoloration, mimic wrinkles, oily and sensitive skin is extremely important for the Intraceuticals method.

Intraceuticals treatments for customers include immediate effects and no side effects. Unlike many invasive equipment treatments, the treated skin immediately takes the desired form. It reacts with a younger, fresher and more relaxed look. It becomes compact and elastic. Signs of its problems are definitely decreasing.

  • Intraceuticals Rejuvenate – oxygen infusion
    Price: 500PLN


  • Intraceuticals Atoxelen – oxygen infusion
    Price: 350PLN


  • Intraceuticals Opulence – oxygen infusion
    Price: 500PLN



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