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We believe there is nothing more beautiful in the world than healthy, well-groomed hair, which inevitably includes intense shine, pure color and great texture.
Every day, our stylists around the world bring joy to women and men and their hair. Because we know that happy hair makes you feel good.
At JOICO, we have a long-standing commitment to ensuring that each and every product meets your hair’s specific needs and provides results. And this is so, because we always keep our promises and do not compromise. Joy is the essence of our work, because we know how to make joy, how to create joy and how to share it.


Our mission is to share the joy of healthy and beautiful hair and to gain more satisfied fans. But that is not all. We do everything to make our planet happy too. Thanks to innovative solutions, JOICO contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, making our planet an even friendlier place to live.


At JOICO, we use only the finest, world-renowned ingredients, such as shea butter, African Manketti oil, Asian magnolia oil, and many more. For us, no place is unreachable if we can find the right ingredients for us in that place. That’s why we are at the forefront of innovation.


We don’t make empty promises. We do everything in our power to ensure that both stylists in their salons and women and men in their homes benefit from the highest quality hair care, styling and coloring products. We always offer support and leave no question unanswered.