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Mediderma are innovative, highly effective dermocosmetics, using the discoveries of world dermatology, as well as genocosmetics. The company was founded in Spain in 1989 by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, an eminent specialist in dermatology. The brand already boasts over 25 years of experience and a presence in nearly 60 countries around the world.

Our Achievements

Mediderma, over the years, not only produces extremely effective products, but also creates trends and sets canons in modern skin care for healthy and problematic skin, gaining recognition among both women and professionals. This is evidenced by the awards granted:

Cosmetics magazine recognized SESMEDICAL Home Care Programs as Qlt Cosmetic 2018.
AZELAC RU cream-gel won first place in the “TOP AVANTI 2017” poll.
“Twój Styl” appreciated the cream for neck and oval face and eye contour cream from the FACTOR G RENEW line.
It was Sesderma, as one of the first companies, which introduced dermocosmetics with a breakthrough nanotechnology for cosmetology, which allows active ingredients to reach the deepest layers of the skin. It is also a leader in the use of growth factors, mimetic peptides and stem cells.

The company has its own laboratories, promotes development, innovation and research on new products.It has, rarely awarded in this field, ISO 22716 GMP certification for good practices in the production of cosmetic products. Sesderma’s product portfolio also includes the Mediderma brand, which specializes in products for professional use: chemical peelings, fillers, which introduced modern Nanopore micropunctures.


“Satisfy our customers’ needs by offering them products tailored to each skin type, using a holistic dermatology that combines technical innovation and customer input. Mediderma listens to its patients by listening to their skin.”


Skin language is a universal language, so since its creation, its presence on the markets of the whole world has been one of the basic aspirations of the Sesderma Laboratory.

The brand is now available in more than 60 countries and has subsidiaries in strategically important markets.

  • Mediderma – Lactipeel
    Price: 170PLN
  • Mediderma – Ferulac Valencia Peel
    Price: 260-360 PLN*
  • Mediderma – Melaspeel TRX
    Price: 220-360 PLN*
  • Mediderma – Azelac 20%
    Price: 170PLN
  • Mediderma – Azelac Peel System M+RU+Peel+1%
    Price: 220-280 PLN
    together with additional acids selected individually
  • Mediderma – DNA Recovery Peel
    Price: 200 PLN
  • Mediderma – DNA Recovery Peel with micro-punch option
    Price: 400 PLN
  • Mediderma – Ferulac Classic with vitamin C
    Price: 220PLN
  • Mediderma – Ferulac Peel System
    Price: 250-300 PLN*
  • Mediderma – Mandelac 40%
    Price: 170PLN
  • Mediderma – Retises CT Yellow Peel
    Price: 250 PLN
  • Mediderma – Sucses Peel
    Price: 250-360 PLN*
  • Mediderma – Argi Peel
    Price: 220-360 PLN*
  • Mediderma – active acid additives
    Price: 50 PLN


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