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PAYOT was born from the incredible vision of an exceptional woman: Nadia Payot. In 1913, Nadia, one of the first female physicians of her generation, decided to put her knowledge and medical expertise at the service of feminine beauty.

An encounter with prima ballerina Anna Pavlova inspired Nadia to research the importance of movement in skin care. If a body sculpted by constant exercise can stay young and supple, why couldn’t the same happen to the face? As one of the first, she understands that a beautiful woman needs to feel good in her body. So she develops a set of restorative and preventative facial exercises that she presents to her clients. In 1920, the famous facial muscle modeling technique is created, inspired by choreographed dance, consisting of 42 gestures. To this day, it remains the basis of all the company’s professional beauty treatments.

On the body:.

  • Payot Elixir Ritual (scrub + mask).
    Price: 180PLN
  • Rytuał Elixir Payot (peeling + massage + mask)
    Price: 220PLn