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PQ Age Evolution

The new formula is a blend of TCA, kojic acid and mandelic acid – it triggers a strong reaction in the deepest layers of the skin, plus the included coenzyme Q10 has a regenerative and anti-wrinkle effect. PQ AGE Evolution is enriched with Glyne Complex, a synthetic peptide (DDB) that inhibits muscle contraction.

The innovation of PQ-Age Evolution peel is that it provides deep stimulation without disturbing the surface of the dermis. It is a cosmetic treatment that produces an effect similar to mesotherapy. Smoother and younger skin is visible immediately after the treatment. The main indications are hyperpigmentation and acne scars, as well as filling in wrinkles, but it can be used on the whole body – it even reduces stretch marks!

PQ Age Evolution is registered as a medical device. The unique combination of ingredients makes PQ Age an extremely effective and completely non-aggressive peeling, which allows it to be used all year round.

PQ Age is a new peeling created as a result of thorough research which aims to meet the needs of the market constantly looking for less invasive treatments. It is an innovative, safe and easy to use peeling for skin lifting and revitalization.

  • PQ Age peeling with lifting and revitalizing effect.
    Price: 350PLN


More information: www.klinikamada.pl