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Xanthohumol is a highly active flavonoid naturally found in the flowering hop plant.

It exhibits more than 4 times the antioxidant potential of vitamin C and is 200 times more potent than resveratrol.

The benefits of xanthohumol have been described in scientific literature for years, however only now it has been possible to use its properties in cosmetic formulations.

In cooperation with Polish scientists, we have developed an innovative and at the same time environmentally friendly method for the synthesis of Xanthohumol. We have increased its stability by encapsulating it in cyclodextrin, creating a complex with high bioavailability and increased permeability through the epidermal layers.

Where American scientists cannot, Polish scientists will find a solution

DKsantohumol has generated interest and excitement for years.

  • Interest – because of its properties that have been proven: a natural, powerful antioxidant that can not only extremely slow down the aging process, but also prevent ischemic disease, act antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.
  • Emotions – because despite attempts made by scientists from all over the world, the methods of synthesis used did not bring results, allowing the use of the properties of the compound in cosmetic preparations, for example. They required the use of MOMCI, or a toxic reagent, which disqualified them.


The breakthrough came in Poland

Our persistent work on a new, safe pathway for the synthesis and stabilization of Xanthohumol led to a complex that solved the previous problems. We “put” the flavonoid into cyclodextrin, which became a kind of carrier, making it more bioavailable at the same time, and made it release only in the skin cells, where we want it to act.

Behind this achievement is our scientific and business quartet:


  • Aneta Czaplicka and Paulina Stopczyk, founders of DermoTech Beauty, who – having a pharmaceutical and cosmetology background – saw in the xanthohumol molecule the potential to be used in professional skin care, and formed the complex into a cosmetic under the PRO XN brand.
  • Dr Mariusz Bosiak and Dr Andrzej Wolan – experts in chemistry, who specialize in isolating and synthesizing natural compounds found in the plant world.
    We wanted Polish beauty parlors and salons to be the first to take advantage of our patented discovery, because together we create this industry and together we can raise the position of Polish cosmetology in the world.

Your everyday successes with PRO XN cosmetics confirm the sense of our work and research.

  • PRO XN – Xanthohumol Recovery Treatment.
    Price: 350PLN
  • PRO XN – PHA Solution + Xanthohumol Recovery Treatment Price
    Price: 370PLN
  • PRO XN – PHA Solution + Novel Peel + Xanthohumol Recovery Treatment Price
    Price: 420PLN
  • PRO XN – PHA Solution + Novel Peel + Microneedle Mesotherapy Price: 500PLN
    Price: 500PLN + Xanthohumol Recovery Treatment


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