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The French laboratory Revitacare has specialized for years in the development, research and production of medical products and formulations for needle mesotherapy.

The Revitacare laboratory works on the highest quality raw materials based on maximally natural and bioavailable ingredients. The effectiveness of the preparations is confirmed by first class clinical trials. Ampoules for needle mesotherapy have a certificate of medical product class III and numerous international awards and honors granted by scientific associations and doctors.

Platelet needle mesotherapy.

  • Cytocare 516 face.
    Price: 350PLN
  • Cytocare 516 face + neck Price: 400PLN
    Price: 400PLN
  • Cytocare 516 face + neck + décolletage
    Price: 450PLN
  • Cytocare 532 face
    Price: 400PLN
  • Cytocare 532 face + neck
    Price: 450PLN
  • Cytocare 532 face + neck + décolletage
    Price: 600PLN
  • Stretchcare.
    Price: 400-450PLN

Deep needle mesotherapy.

  • Cytocare 715.
    Price: 750PLN