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It all started one day, when a husband decided to give his wife a special gift… The inventor of the Revitalash formula is Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff. It was a special gift for his wife Gayle, who was ill with breast cancer. Aggressive chemotherapy had damaged her beautiful eyelashes, which had become sparse and brittle.

Dr. Brinkenhoff’s intensive scientific research, along with a team of talented chemists and cosmetologists, led to a product formulation that made Gayle’s lashes vital and beautiful after five weeks of use.

Soon friends and family wanted to know the secret to Gayle’s beautiful eyelashes. She already knew that the perfect name for the miracle eyelash conditioner that gave her lashes full vitality would be REVITALASH.

The idea for the product was born out of a husband’s love for his wife, who wanted to help his wife recover. Today, the product is available to all women who want to have beautiful eyelashes.

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkenhoff donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cosmetics to breast cancer research, as well as educational initiatives related to it.

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