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What are Arosha Bandages

Arosha is the European leader in the category of products for silhouette-modelling. The effects are spectacular and visible in a very short time. To guarantee the best postoperative results, Arosha pays particular attention to selecting selected active ingredients that are also safe for our skin.

Personalised protocols Arosha are confirmed by long experience. Bandages soaked in active ingredients are our recipe for beauty. Only 4 weeks is enough to model the body.

Treatment zones:
  • Bust
  • Legs
  • Bellies
  • Bladders
Treatment sets:
  • Lipofit – a set with lipolytic effect, intensively slimming, recommended for the abdominal area. Thanks to concentrates containing molecular synthesis, it acts on adipocytes in a fast and targeted way, allowing for effective modelling and reduction of adipose tissue.
  • Oedemacel – a set created to fight swelling cellulite. The combination of active ingredients works synergistically and combats the primary causes of cellulite, i.e. dilatation of blood vessels and intercellular fluid accumulation.
  • Adipocel – a set designed to fight fibrous cellulite in an advanced stage. Adipocel is a combination of ingredients designed to fight against adipocyte growth and collagen fiber deformation.
  • Firming – a set created to model your figure, give your skin elasticity and ensure proper hydration. Recommended as a treatment after weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is perfect for stretch marks problems and as an anti-aging treatment.
  • Push-up – a treatment that visibly improves the appearance of the bust, modelling its shape and also enlarging it by even one size. The treatment effectively combats the symptoms of falling down, loss of firmness and elasticity of the bust.

Before each treatment we perform a brushing, so called “dry peeling” with the original Arosha brush. Brushing is a very old technique, giving great benefits to the lymphatic system. The brush bristle is made of vegetable fibers, called Tampico, obtained from Agawe Lechuguilla. Systematic brushing stimulates microcirculation, smoothes, makes it more elastic, reduces cellulite, exfoliates dead epidermis, so that the skin is prepared to accept active ingredients and subsequent stages of treatment.

Arosha bandages:

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