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What is Carbosytherapy

Carboxytherapy is currently one of the most effective and safest methods used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Its exceptional effectiveness is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Julié is the only apparatus on the market that uses two-two-two-two-two to heat gas – carboxytherapy has never been so comfortable. See for yourself!

Julié has been equipped with many safety systems. One of them is a system that is responsible for cleaning the unit’s components from the air in the unit, which when administered intradermally causes persistent swelling.

For controlling the more frequentoperation parameters – flow and gas dose, corresponds to PFC®, module, which regulates the flow in the range 1-150cc/min. PFC® is a guarantee of efficiency and safety.

Julié is a certified device that uses medical carbon dioxide LAPAROS. This gas has a unique sterility and purity of 99.5 %.

The camera uses HFS® – it is a two-stage CO2 filtering system essential for maintaining the highest sterility of the applied gas.


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