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Testimonial by dr Marek Ambroziak
Icoone Laser is, in my opinion, the best device on the market that combines the advantages of a mechanized, strong massage, low energy laser reducing the volume of fat tissue and a led stimulation and anti-inflammatory lamp. For many years, devices for strong massage draining the body are very popular because of their high efficiency. Icoone is a natural continuation of this concept. The technology has been improved, strengthening the effects of the treatment, without harmful skin stretching. However, the latest improvement is the combined mechanical action with the "slimming" effect of a LED laser and a powerful LED lamp. The result is an extension of the list of indications for treatments. Icoone works well in patients with slight overweight, especially
dr Marek Ambroziak
Testimonial by Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc
Considered in the media as an unquestionable precursor of a healthy lifestyle. She has implanted in Poles the fashion for being fit, because good looks and well-being are the ticket to success in professional and private life. TV producer and author of about 3 thousand TV programs promoting a healthy lifestyle. In TVP2 in "Questions for Breakfast" she leads her own series
Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc
Testimonial by dr Piotr Sznelewski
"This device should be very popular in SPAs and beauty parlors when we want to quickly improve the condition of the skin to look great at the party. And it is also an extremely pleasant treatment, I have tested the device myself and have a nice memory of it. …” (source: Magazine SPA & Welnes EDEN 11/2012)
dr Piotr Sznelewski
Testimonial by Anita Bajdalska
Mechanized massaging heads with rollers with numerous microholes are used in the Icoone treatment. Anita Bajdalska, a cosmetologist, certified SPA supervisor of the American International SPA Association, believes that the microstimulating heads precisely and deeply massage every millimetre of skin (without stretching or trauma), reducing cellulite and excess fat tissue, such as "meninges". The treatment increases blood and lymph flow, stimulates fibroblasts. It can be applied to the face, neck and cleavage, as well as to the area around the eyes and lips. The result is visible already after the first treatment - the skin regenerates, is more tense and firmer.
Anita Bajdalska
Testimonial by Maja Sablewska
For a long time Maja Sablewska assured that she owed her good looks to a healthy diet. However, later she revealed that she liked professional face and body treatments. I really like such a treatment, which is a combination of Icoone, which is a machine that stimulates work and facial skin. It brings out the cheekbones nicely later. It is also very cool for a woman. I later come out of the treatment and love how I have cheekbones. I always had the impression that my face is like a full moon - said Sablewska in "Small Talk". (source:
Maja Sablewska
Testimonial by dr Robert Chmielewski
Precision device - Great effects on both the body and face.
dr Robert Chmielewski
Testimonial by Joanna Krupa
"...Krupa eliminates beauty defects with various treatments: three times a week it undergoes an Icoone massage to smooth the skin..." (source: Tele Magazine)
Joanna Krupa
Testimonial by dr Roman Prończuk
Icoone is an ideal solution for people who are unsuccessfully struggling with deeply located fat, have problems with loose skin, fight cellulite, as well as after liposuction. The effects are visible already after the first treatment: tissue fibrosis is reduced, production of lipolysis and collagen is stimulated. The skin regenerates, it is also more firm and tight. Icoone is also a fantastic complement to the treatments that I perform in my daily practice as: Fraxel, Thermage, fillers, laser removal of post-operative and post-scarring scars, stretch marks, which for various reasons do not want or do not qualify for surgery. The Icoone device gives versatile possibilities due to the possibility of working on many cosmetic as well as medical programs. I recommend Dr. Roman Prończuk
dr Roman Prończuk
Testimonial by dr Beata Dethloff
As a doctor with many years of experience, I work with devices that guarantee the effects of the treatment and are fully safe for my patients. Such a proven medical device is the Icoone. Thanks to this advanced technology we achieve very good results in body shaping, cellulite reduction, skin firming and what is important it is a completely safe solution for loose and vascular skin. A wide range of treatment programs allows my therapists to develop individual treatment programs so that we achieve treatment effects much faster. For various reasons they do not want to or do not qualify for surgical procedures. The Icoone device offers versatile possibilities due to the possibility of working on many cosmetic and medical programs. I recommend Dr. Roman Prończuk
dr Beata Dethloff


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