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What is ICOONE®

Icoone® Laser is a innovative combination of vacuum massage with LED light and laser. It is a revolutionary treatment for body shaping and fighting all signs of skin aging. It is perfect for reducing cellulite, localized fat, swelling, as well as for effectively firming the skin of the body and face.

Icoone® Laser acts on the skin by combining a massage of mechanized micro-perforated rolls with LED light and laser. The combination of these technologies allows very precise stimulation of the connective tissue including the most delicate areas such as eyes, neckline, breasts and the inner side of thighs and arms.

Icoone® Laser is a device that can be configured in any way to meet the needs of the most demanding clients and to maximize the personalization of the treatment.

This is a jthe only medical device in the world that offers treatments for all patients regardless of skin type and age. This is a huge innovation in contrast to other devices available on the market, which work on the principle of pressure massage.


The entire treatment starts with the “Base” program, which addresses the general needs of the skin (e.g. cellulite, swelling). The next step is the “Focus”, program, which focuses on a specific weak point (e.g. loose skin on the inside of the thighs or shoulders or deeply localized fat resistant to physical activity).

  • The complete treatment cycle usually consists of 10 to 15 sessions.


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