plasma technology


Plasmage uses the (electric arcing phenomenon ) in fractional mode for completely non-invasive treatments. Its effect is to “vaporize” changes from the skin surface. Thanks to the fact that the plasma acts on the spot, it does not harm the healthy tissues surrounding the affected area.

Treatments performed with this device are almost painless – to increase the comfort of patients we perform them under local anesthesia with p/pain cream.

Immediately after the treatment there is a slight swelling of the treated area, redness and visible scabs that remain on the skin for up to 10 days. The period of convalescence after the treatment is very short. Most patients return to daily activities on the second day after the treatment.

Plasmage can be performed on all problematic parts of the body. For safety reasons, it is extremely often used on delicate parts of the skin – including the eye area.

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