Hybrid laser (Diode, Nd:Yag CPL)


In our Clinic we have laser equipment X-Lase Plus, currently the most modern and universal laser equipment in the world, produced by the Italian brand Biotec. Irreplaceable, among others, in the case of discoloration removal or laser epilation.

The X-Lase Plus technology uses selective photothermolysis, where laser energy is converted into thermal energy.

The laser treatments performed with the XLase Plus device are spectacular and lasting results while maintaining the treatment area in intact, with minimal risk. All treatments are also characterized by short skin recovery period and maximum comfort .

The device uses the MOTION SPEED continuous motion technique, which enables continuous energy emission. Treatments in Motion Speed mode are painless, faster and epilation is more effective.

For many of you it will be important that Biotec’s XLase Plus meets the higher safety standards and has all the necessary certificates.

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