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What is Xlase plus

Biotec’s Xlase Plus is a universal and modern apparatus, which, thanks to the possibility of connecting different heads, having completely different applications, has a wide spectrum of operation. The technologies used in the device complement each other, maximizing the effects of treatments.

Diode head (810nm)

A hair removal laser is the most effective way to keep skin permanently smooth. The high power diode head emits a uniform laser beam that precisely destroys hair bulbs without adversely affecting other skin cells. Motion Speed technology shortens the duration of the treatment, increases its effectiveness and eliminates pain discomfort.


  • Hair removal;
  • Remphasizing;
  • Fotocorrection;
  • Vascular microsamples.

Nd:Yag head (1064nm/532nm (KTP)

A head whose light penetrates up to 5 mm into the dermis. It precisely reaches the places undergoing therapy (selective thermolysis), saving the surrounding tissue. It enables safe and effective anti-aging treatments, closing of vessels on the face or legs, spot hair-by-bristle epilation and treatment of nail mycosis.


  • Closing the dishes
  • Remming
  • Therapy for nail mycosis

CPL head (400nm-1200nm)

Intensive pulsed light (IPL) and calibrated pulsed light (CPL) differ in the nature of the emitted energy. In the case of CPL, unlike IPL, it remains constant throughout the pulse. The advantage of CPL is the possibility to generate up to 15 sub-pulses. Treatments with IPL are less effective, longer, more annoying, exposed to side effects.


  • Acne therapy;
  • Closing pores;
  • Termolifting;
  • Therapy for erythema;
  • Foto-rejuvenating.

Xlase Plus:

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