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A ready-made mesotherapy cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, CT50 complex of micro- and macroelements, vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, antioxidant complex with putrescine.

Activity: intensively moisturizes, corrects wrinkles, firms and improves tension, stimulates the repair of skin damage and slows down the natural aging process.

  • Duration: 60-90min
  • Price from: 400PLN
Pa preparation designed primarily for the treatment of flabby skin and for the reduction of stretch marks. 
Contains:DMAE, hyaluronic acidy, vitaminsaB5 and trace elements.
Action: sflattens and reduces the depth and appearance of stretch marks, strongly tightens and firms skin, improves skin quality and density, reduces signs of aging.
  • Duration: 60-90min
  • Price from: 400PLN
Cocktail containing CT50 complex and antioxidant complex with putriscin.
Action: deeply and long-lasting moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, restores skin density and firmness, rebuilds skin texture, smooths, tightens, firms and brightens the complexion. 
  • Duration : 60-90 min
  • Price from: 450PLN


Deep needle mesotherapy

It is called a bridge between mesotherapyaand filler. It works simultaneously in both the deep and superficial layers of the skin. Recommended as a “softfillingtreatment and to rejuvenate the eye and lip area. High concentration of hyaluronic acid as much as 75mg, causes an immediate filling effect and restores the skin to a sufficiently high level of hydrationThe preparation Cytocare 715 is also rich in carnosine, which, as one of the most powerful antioxidants, blocks the mechanisms that affect skin cell aging

Action: regeneracts, nhydratesa and zthickensthe skin, gives antioxidant protection, fills fine lines. 

  • Duration: 90 min
  • Price from: 750PLN


Microneedle mesotherapy

Thanks to the innovative action of STPen, the microneedling treatmentis extremely fast and effective. It allows you to regenerate your skin and improve its appearance. With the method of microneedling we shallow medium and shallow wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, improve the condition of gray and lack of elasticity skin. The mechanism of action is based on stimulation of collagen, elastin and fibroblast production and improvement of skin density and tone.
Depending on the skin problem, appropriate concentrates are selected which are smade for aesthetic medicine with strict formulation and manufacturing requirements for safety:


  • Khyaluronic acid – a direct, low molecular weight acid form with very high stability. Reactivates the skin by multiplying cells. Accelerates collagen and elastin production, instantly hydrates and firms. Revitalizes and strengthens dehydrated skins.
  • Organic silicon – restructures connective tissue. Excellent for anti-aging of the skin. Maximizes the production of skin structural proteins and protects them from free radicals. Intensively and long-lasting moisturizes. Reduces swelling in the eye area. Tightens and firms.
  • Botox like – thanks to the peptide PNA- 8 (octapeptide) reduces the depth of facial wrinkles up to 63%. It inhibits neurotransmitter release, thus generating extraordinary effects of rapid tightening and lifting.
  • Anti-agingand firming booster – a perfect cocktail of over 50 active ingredients: biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, vitamin C and a blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. It has the ability to repair and regenerate the skin.
  • Vitamin C – a new generation lipo and hydrophilic vitamin C derivative. Perfectly stable. Resistant to light, high temperature, acids, alkalis and oxygen. It stops the formation of free radicals and reduces excessive production of melanin, inhibits tyrosinase, protects DNA and stimulates collagen synthesis.


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