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Modelling treatments


This is to give your hairstyle the right shape, texture or shine. A skilled eye and hands of the hairdresser will make Hair will beą look perfect and professional cosmetics will fix your hairstyle for the whole day.


Hair short / duration: 30min / Pricing from: 50PLN-60PLN

Medium hair / Duration: 30min / Price from: 60PLN-70PLN

Hair long / Duration: 45min / Price from: 70PLN-80PLN


Hair clipping is a service that can dramatically change the client’s appearance without having to cut or dye her hair. By creating such a hairstyle we adjust it to the character of the event, the client’s beauty and the condition of her hair.

Duration: 60min / Price from: 100PLN


Shiny, wavy hair is always impressive. Waves give the impression of more volume, even when there is relatively little real hair. To prevent the waves from straightening up after a few hours, it is necessary to use the professional tools and cosmetics we have at our salon.

Duration: 60min / Price from: 100PLN

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