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Regeneration treatments


The haircut does not have to be the only salvation for your weak hair. Hair salon In the Beauty Clinic Mada offers a number of treatments for your hair.Hair regeneration resists on the introduction of an ampoule of active substances together with a properly selected conditioner or mask.

Regeneration + modeling / Duration: 60min / Price from: 150PLN

Regeneration + shearing + modeling / Duration: 90min / Price from: 200PLN

Joico – hair restoration

The JOICO K-PAK Hair Repair System is a professional 4-step treatment for each hair type, performed exclusively in hair salons. The treatment rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair, increases its shine, restores optimal hydration.
Performed before the coloration will make the hair properly prepared for the treatment and properly protected and will become susceptible to styling, their color will be more durable and more saturated. The JOICO hair reconstruction procedure is recommended to all those who dream of silky, smooth and healthy hair.

Duration: 90min / Price from: 140PLN

Aerobic scalp infusion with ampoule

The treatment consists in oxygenation of the scalp, together with the pressing of properly selected preparations, which is supposed to cause better nourishment of the scalp and its hydration.
It is aimed at people with: oily scalp, excessive hair loss, dry scalp, weakened hair.
It starts with a cleansing wash, then a scalp peeling is performed one after the other, adapted to the skin problems, then we act with hyperbaric oxygen together with ampoules, then finally we model the hair.

Duration: 105min / Price from: 250PLN

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