Hairstyle of the hair is a procedure that can dramatically change the client’s appearance without having to cut the hair. Beautiful chignons and hair clips are ideal for special events. By creating such a hairstyle we adapt it to the nature of the event, the beauty of the client and the structure and condition of her hair.

Updo is a complicated, but very impressive hairstyle, which always makes a huge impression. To make it last for a long time in perfect condition you should use the services of a professional hairdresser, who has experience in pinning this type of hairstyle.

  • The procedure price (90 min): 100 PLN – 200 PLN

Curls are one of the most common hairstyles in women. Despite this it is difficult to get a homemade permanent and striking curls that can withstand any weather. By using professional cosmetics we are able to make your curls last all day long.

The treatment price ( 90 min): 100PLN – 200 PLN.

Shiny, wavy hair is always very impressive. Waves give the impression of more volume, even when there is relatively little real hair. They are a perfect compromise between straight hair and intensive curls. To prevent the waves from straightening up after a few hours it is necessary to use professional tools and cosmetics that we have at our salon.

  • The procedure price ( 90 min): 100PLN – 200 PLN

Bun is a classic of women’s hairstyles. It is made by means of spikes, with which the hair is pinned into a characteristic shape. Depending on the length and thickness of hair, the chignon can take various forms and sizes. The chignon can be both very reserved and elegant, but it can also take very fancy, extravagant forms.


  • The procedure price ( 90 min): 100zł – 200 zł

Incorrect coloring, straightening, curling or styling leads to large damage to the hair structure. Keratinized straightening of hair comes to the rescue in this case. This is actually a deeply nourishing and rebuilding treatment and straightening is actually a side effect. For the keratin to penetrate deep into the hair structure it is necessary to use high temperature (about 230°C). The effect of straight hair lasts about 6 months.

Keratin hair straightening – True Keratin:

  • The procedure price ( 180 min): 450PLN – 850PLN

Hair modeling in a hairdressing salon is an increasingly popular practice. By modeling a hairstyle we mean giving it the right shape, texture or shine. This procedure, although apparently easy to do at home, is often very difficult to do without the help of another person. A skilful eye and hands of the hairdresser will make the hairstyle look perfect and professional cosmetics will fix the hairstyle for the whole day, avoiding surprises in its half.

Modeling (30 min- 45 min).

  • short hair: 40 PLN – 50 PLN
  • middle hair: 50 PLN – 60 PLN
  • long hair: 60 PLN – 70 PLN

Well cared for, well trimmed hair is a showcase for every man who cares about himself. In our hairdressing salon we offer men’s haircuts. We deal with the selection of hairstyle, haircut, styling, but also reconstruction and strengthening of weakened, falling out hair. We offer cutting both short, medium and long hair.

Male haircut (30 min):

  • Treatment price: 50 PLN

Scuttering (30 min):

  • The price of the procedure: 30 PLN

Children’s haircut (30 min):  ( boy under 14 )

  • The price of the procedure: 40 PLN

In the hairdressing salon located in our Clinic, we deal with women’s haircut along with the choice of hairstyle. We offer the help of our hairdressers, who will propose a hairstyle matching the beauty of the woman wearing it. We cut all hair lengths, straight, wavy and curly hair. In addition to haircut, we also offer many hair care treatments that will rebuild damaged hair.

Women’s trimming + modelling (60 min)

  • short hair: 70 PLN
  • Medium hair: 80 PLN
  • long hair: 90 PLN

Children’s haircut ( girl under 7 )(30 min)

  • Treatment price: 40 PLN – 60 PLN

Fringes (15 min)

  • Treatment price: 15 PLN

Hairdressers at the MaDa Beauty Clinic take care of hair at every level of care. Our stylists are well acquainted with the selection of hairstyle and hair color to the beauty and character of the owner or owner. If you know that you would like to change your look, but have no idea how to do it – contact us. Our specialists will meet with you, analyze your expectations and choose the perfect, refreshed hairstyle for you.

Price of the treatment: from 60 PLN


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