skin diagnostics


The Observation 520x System is cutting-edge technology for skin diagnostics to observe even subtle signs of skin aging and other skin disorders from outer layer up to its deeper layers.

The device has 5 different light modes that facilitate analysis skin problems such as: discoloration , wrinkles, redness, acne, photoaging, inflammation and much more.

  • Daylight - face evenly illuminated, no shadows.
  • Parallel polarization - shows the depth of wrinkles, allows you to assess the structure and depth of acne scars, shows the structure of pores and closed blackheads.
  • Cross-polarization - shows vascular changes and inflammation.
  • UV light - allows you to assess the degree of skin photoaging, discoloration, shows improperly washed makeup, and whether the filter is properly applied.
  • Wood's lamp mode - helpful in the assessment of sebum secretion disorders and sebaceous gland disorders.

Observ 520x features patented system face settings. Comparative photos taken during therapy are always in the same position and distance to show the client the progress of the treatments.

The different skin analysis modes can identify specific skin problems and the overall condition of the skin. A thorough diagnostic analysis of individual skin layers allows for the development of individually tailored treatments and treatment plans as well as the selection of the best cosmetics targeted at specific skin problems.

Diagnostic skin analysis with the selection of therapies and cosmetics

Duration : 60min

Price: 300 PLN