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Prices of hand treatments

  • Traditional manicure
    Price: 60PLN
  • Biotic manicure with collagen gloves
    Price: 60PLN
  • Japanese manicure
    Price: 70PLN
  • Manicure SPA
    Price: 90PLN
  • Manicure SPA with hybrid
    Price: 120PLN
  • Hybrid manicure
    Price: 100 PLN
  • Gel manicure with hybrid
    Price: 150 PLN
  • Gel manicure on a hybrid form
    Price: 180PLN
  • Paraffin for hands
    Price: 40PLN
  • Gel repair, hybrids – 1 nail
    Price: 20PLN
  • Removal of the hybrid
    Price: 30PLN
  • Removal of gel
    Price: 45PLN
  • Needle mesotherapy
    Price: 300 PLN
  • Plasma peeling with mask
    Price: 70PLN
  • The treatment of hand skin discoloration
    Price from: 100PLN

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