Selvert Thermal

Information about the brand
Information about the brand

Selvert Thermal

Selvert Thermal is a Swiss professional brand of cosmeceuticals.

The products have healing and caring effects and are made with the latest, highly concentrated and very active
ingredients and based on inventions in the field of biotechnology and pharmacology which can affect the physiological processes of the skin. These are also dermo-cosmetics, i.e. preparations on the borderline of medicine and cosmetology, and their task is to help difficult, problematic skins.

Selvert Thermal’s treatments and home care are created by scientists, dermatologists and members of the EU commission that approves new ingredients and products for the EU market. .

As a result, the latest technologies and active ingredients are the fastest to be found in this brand.
The fact that the production of cosmeceuticals of this brand by a pharmaceutical concern, its modernity, and above all, its effectiveness puts it in a complementary role to aesthetic medicine. Its treatments can precede medical procedures or together with home care intensify their effects and prolong their duration. In the brand’s resources you will find not only advanced professional products, but also home products.

  • Selvert Thermal – Visage Line – moisturizing treatment.
    Price: 180-230PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – treatment with Cell Vitale osmotic mask.
    Price: 260-280PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – L’Espirt Dermatologique – anti-wrinkle treatment.
    Price: 240PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – L’Esprit Dermatologique – depigmentation treatment.
    Price: 230PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – Visage Line – cleansing treatment for young skins.
    Price: 190PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – Visage Line – a cleansing treatment for mature skin
    Price: 220PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – Visage Line – basic treatment for sensitive skin
    Price: 180PLN
  • Selvert Thermal – Visage Line – treatment for sensitive skin with ampoule
    Price: 230PLN
  • Selvert Thermal STPen Microneedle Mesotherapy
    Price: 300-400PLN


Selvert Thermal products for home care are available from us stationary or online in our perfumery: