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Effective skin care with uneven pigmentation. Designed to remove discolorations, stains and uneven skin tone. Formula enriched with ingredients and moisturizing, firming and rejuvenating effects. It provides a radiant, vital and healthy complexion.

Effects of treatments:.

  • Step color uniformity
  • Diminishing stains and discoloration
  • Line levelling
  • Freshing and restoring smoothness and softness
  • Freezing wrinkles

A precise method of levelling mimic wrinkles. Created for anti-aging care of delicate eye and mouth areas and effective reduction of lines and furrows on the forehead. Significantly strengthens and extends the effects of filling treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.
Effects of treatments:.

  • Clearly shallow lines and mimic wrinkles
  • Restore a younger, radiant look
  • Making the skin tone firmer
  • Smoothing around the eyes and mouth
  • Long-term hydration

Apparently reduces wrinkles, furrows and lines. It strongly moisturizes, firms and significantly improves skin texture. Restores energy and natural radiance to gray, stressed and underoxygenated skin. It inhibits the aging process by reducing free radicals, provides a deep, long-lasting water balance.
Effects of treatments:.

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Visible lifting
  • Fertilization and nutrition
  • Correct contours and increase firmness
  • Restoration of radiance and vitality
  • Smoothing and reducing wrinkles and lines


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